Tom Rosenthal - Keep a Private Room Behind the Shop (2011)

The old the young, the brave got stung all around you
The lights fell down upon the world and did surround you
Take care of all the lonely souls and love will hold you
Oh how you walked through the dark and love desroyed you

There is a dark place, but i´m not going there


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Marcos Mudra dijo...

Muy bueno! Gracias por compartirlo!

Tiago dijo...

Really good selection of youtube videos. The first time I saw his videos I was living in a furnished apartments buenos aires that my company rented to me after sending me for 6 months to Argentina for work. I didn´t know a person, I didn´t spoke the language and I am not a extrovert person so I was bored as hell when I found his videos and entertained me for a while.